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    Why did you stop making these, they were great. Helped me learn more than I ever did from books which have so much info in them I usually quit from a headache. Astrology must be taught by a teacher if it is to learned right.

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    @james8721 – not sure my post was directed at you. I agree with what you say anyway. People are animals. They use anything they can to have power over people whether it be through religion/cults or any other superstitious nonsense.

    A good pick-up line is “What is your star sign?” then just bullshit from there on. Can become rape by misinformation.

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    i’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m saying that astrology had as much to do with this 17 year old getting raped as much as people who commit crimes and said “god” told them to do it or preachers raping little boys or teacher at public schools mess with little boys… so i guess we should blame it on the college he attended… People are just animals sometimes and no religion,astrology has anything to do with it… ….

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    “While the connection between the universe and ourselves remains merely that we are both energy as matter, there will be those who seek something beyond, as if to suggest something greater, as an actual bond. The spiritual essence of man is internal but is applied to all as if it exists externally. Whereas the universe will go on oblivious to the beliefs of man, man will conjure relationships with the heavens that exist only in his mind. The mind of the faithful.” Adam Peenum

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    @james8721 – it is a analogy obviously. Astrology rapes the mind of the innocent and impregnates them with nonsense thoughts and superstition.

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    Jon, Thanks for the video, well done and very helpful. P.Ross

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    what does that have to do with the subject of astrology?

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    Thank you kindly for taking the time to teach us novices about this cosmic ancient field of starry codes of the Universe. (God’s book)
    To disrespectful nonbelievers I say without judgment – invest your time into what you deny – soon you will be a single crowd of fools, still skeptical of your own existence. Stars tell secrets closed to a closed mind. But the bright minds embracing the lifelong study of the mystics – will ascend to where you want to go but unaware will linger in hell.

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    Very good intro, thank you =)

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    Great informative video.

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    wow, this is a very cool intro.

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    Thank you so much, it helped a lot.

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    The 17-year-old girl who was raped by Andheri-based astrologer Hasmukh Rathod (55), with help from her mother Anjana, has recounted her ordeal in a statement to the police. In a chilling account, she said her father too wanted to rape her. It was only when her elder sister — who had been raped by their father and Rathod for several years — found it difficult to protect her any longer, that they decided to break their silence

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    thank you so much! very helpful!

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    that was amazing!! thank you!!:)

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    Thank you john !

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    Thank You!

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    Wow, Very well done! 5 stars, and favourited!

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    Hey, great video. I can’t wait for the second lesson.

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